We would like to introduce you all to a sadhana which makes use of the natural weather condition and the cosmic change that happens on a regular basis. This is called surya sadhana gifted by my Guruji.

One can benefit a lot from this sadhana especially when one is undergoing a transformation from past (not only this life but previous lives). The churning would actually happen for the great reason to cleanse the stored up pains and traumas from long past. And at that time, the Manipuraka chakra has to be very strong. Manipuraka – is the place completely filled with treasures. The Chitrini Nadi which is more subtle than the sukshuma nadi, has high possibility of getting activated during Manipuraka chakra sadhana. Manipuraka involves Suryas energy and the energy is abundant during the month of October-November. We make use of this cosmic energy and do our Manipuraka Sadhana for all the benefits below :

  • High intuitive power.
  • Burning of your karmas.
  • Release from the subconscious ego self.
  • Energy to overcome the lower beliefs and ascend to higher knowledge and wisdom.
  • Opens up the path for good relations with others.

Tha sadhana period is for 30days with no compromise at all anyday everyday morning and night , one has to spend 10min of sadhana( Yes just a quality & powerful 10min Sadhana)

You would need :

  • A rudraksha mala.
  • Two stainless/copper or any other metal pots.
  • Turmeric powder.
  • Water.
  • Shivling (not mandatory & size/material doesn’t matter) . But you would be asked to go to Shiva temple on the last day.