Sri Siddha Lakshmi is the highest form of Lakshmi and She is the complete manifestation and bestower of all prosperity, wealth & abundance.

“As per “Siddha Dharma”, her worship is performed for acquiring immense wealth and all the wealth of the universe. There is no wealth in this universe that she cannot bestow.”

The wealth includes finance, siddhi, knowledge and all that is necessary for abundance. This sadhana is for very long kept as a secret even today.

She bestows the sadhaka with a perfection (siddhi) in their endeavour and blesses them with wealth.

She encompasses all forms of Lakshmi including Mahalakshmi. MahaLakshmi Ma grants the greatest wealth (Maha Lakshmi) whereas Siddha Lakshmi Ma grants one with perfection(siddhi) & wealth.

Sri Siddha Lakshmi is also called Mula Pratyangira who eradicates all evils that is stopping one from attaining the wealth and prosperity. She is a tantric goddess and her mantra needs to be initiated for a sadhaka to perform her sadhana. She encompass all three gunas , the tamasic, rajasic, the sattvic as well as gunatheeth(beyond guna).


    • Sri Siddha Lakshmi Sadhana brings one not only wealth but also the knowledge of how to have a steady & stable wealth.
    • She perfects the abundance of wealth and prosperity to the devotees.
    • She offers her sadhaka the necessary attractive & magnetic personality.
    • She removes all the obstacles and evils that stops her devotees from receiving the abundance.
    • She provides the necessary siddhi for a sadhaka in spiritual path.

You will receive the following mantras as initiation and a procedure for Siddha Lakshmi sadhana :

Level 1 :

    • Sri Siddha Lakshmi Navakshari Mantra– used to remove all the karmas stopping a person from abundance and offers the right ambience in the body to attract wealth.
    • Sri Siddha Lakshmi moola mantra– used to invoke the siddha Lakshmi in you and stabilize & align your energy with Siddha Lakshmi.

Level 2 :

    • Siddhidhatri Mantra – Used to provide perfection in the devotee and grant Siddhi to the Sadhaka.

One needs to practice Level 1 for atleast 2 months before proceeding to the next level. Level 1 & level 2 initiation will be given separately.

This dheeksha is given online also. Age limit : 14 years to 65 years.
Registration fee : 3900/- INR. You may paytm to 9597027369

For registering online please enter your below details. After filling your details, you will be given a timeslot early morning between 6:00am to 7:00am. The date of dheeksha shall be sent to your mail id