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Yes. The shoonya that buddha says is the ultimate truth. It is nothing and from it has emerged everything. Everything again merges in the same Nothingness.
”That is complete.This is also complete.If you take something out of complete,it is also complete.you are complete”
This is the poornatva. The shoonya is also complete
That which emerged ouy of shoonya is also complete. Everything is poornatva.

The ultimate consciousness is what i mean by referring as the real self.When the real self is in action through body/mind i refer it as individual self,which naturally has a minute ego. But the ego self is the identity that one has as a person. one assumes himself/herself to be good,bad, intelligent,beautiful, and all the identities related to relationship and professions.All these encompass egoself. This ego self actually doesnt exist at all.

Space is closely related to the ultimate as the human mind is capable of understanding that space is everywhere. The ultimate is what holds even the space. The ultimate has no bas le but is the base of all.

It is the only one that is vast. There is nothing else.

நினைப்பதொன்று கண்டிலேன் நீயலாது வேறிலை
நினைப்புமாய் மறப்புமாய் நின்ற மாயை மாயையோ
அனைத்துமாய் அகண்டமாய் அனாதிமுன் அனாதியாய்
எனக்குள் நீ உனக்குள் நான் நினைக்கு மாற தெங்கனே
Siva Vakkiyar
I found theres no thinker but you.
You stand as an illusion as both the thinker and the forgetter. You are everything, encompassing the whole universe. You are the beginning of the beginning. You are in me and i am in you.

Here Sivavakkiyar means there is no seperation and all is “you”,the ultimate and same “you” is “me”.

Water is related to mind,
Moon is the true self
when water is still,
the moon is reflected purely.
After enlightenment..
we see the reflections as reflections..!
There is a detachment and also attachment here.But are just a play and all is only a reflection.