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“Meditation is where your attention rests in your being”.
We offer meditations which are not just placebos for mind or body. They work when one gives their full energy into it. Every one of our meditations are designed for well-being and transforming the energies which are used for ego-self and divert them towards the divine. The chokehold of ego self will become less in practicing our meditations and the life will be calm and peaceful in your unique way. Contemplative meditations, Mantra Sadhana, Hara Dhyan, Zen meditations, Cathartic methods, dynamic meditations, yogic meditations are few meditations, we offer explore the inner workings of their own body and mind. We welcome everyone to participate and enjoy these practices. The meditations are conducted both online and in-person classes. The timings of this meditations will be found in the event page.