Healing is a process of resting to the original nature of the being. A wounded heart is one that has travelled far away and lost the connection to their own Divine nature. The connection to ones own divine nature is easily established when one gets in contact with a being who is the manifesting the quality of the Divine him/herself. The healing is faster when one gets in contact with a being who has manifested Divine him/herself. They are an embodiment of Divine. Receiving healing from a self realised master offers healing at a deeper level not easily understood by a being that has lost its way from the ultimate.

From the parampara of Mulavarga, we offer healing through Siddha method as practiced by our lineage.

Types of our Siddha Healing :

1. Medicinal Siddha Healing :

For chronic disease we provide siddha healing combined with mantra & plant based food for the body. Though the cause for body based disease mostly lie in ones mental structure based on the pattern that he/she has developed, the disease has permeated to the third dimensional plane which actually needs healing from the third dimension in the form of food or liquid or even the sacred ash. By analysing the nature of the disease we provide Siddha healing and suggest a mantra japa for the wellbeing of the mind. Based on the intensity of the disease you would be asked to contact our Wellness Manager.

2. Energy based healing :

This healing is mostly for the youngsters and elders who are stressed out of their lifes circumstances and would need peace in their life. We recommend sound/mantra based healing for the same. In sound based healing, based on the cause of the stress, the sound therapy varies. We use traditional instruments as sound therapy and is mixed with Mantra & siddha healing during the healing process. After the healing process, we recommend you to play the same and do mantra japa for a period of time until the pattern that has caused the stress subsides.

How to take the healing :

We would need a personal write up from you regarding your issue. Based on your issue, we would suggest a 11min Siddha healing process and then a personal consultation with our Wellness Manager(for chronic diseases). For stress based healing, we would allot the schedule as per your convenience & we recommend 21min Siddha healing with sound therapy. You would be provided a Wellness ebook containing the wisdom of life that one needs for any healing to happen. We recommend you go through the book as often as required during the course of the healing.

Healing Charges : Rs.500 INR for consultation & healing. We charge only for the time and effort we put on the healing process to take place and not exactly for the healing.

All your problems/consultations will not be shared with anybody else other than the wellness team & Sri Vani Om Anandi. Once we receive your healing form, we would contact you for further process through mail.

For Consultation :