Panchabhootha Shuddhi Sadhana
Panchabhootha Shuddhi Sadhana – Tantric Sadhana

Courtesy : Panchabhūta, painting by Srija Samaleti

This sadhana that we offer does not involve outer ritual, it is purely inner tantric worship.

Pancha bhootha Shuddhi sadhana helps one to cleanse the subtle body/mind which is the source of the physical body in such a way for the Divine shakti’s to get imbibe in an individual. This sadhana involves mantra, visualisation and concentration in the meditation.

It is mandatory for one to get initiated into this sadhana from a realized being.

Pre-requisites :

  • Age – 14 years to 65 years
  • Open mind & proper respect to the tantric techniques
  • Pregnant ladies, people suffering with severe depression like schizophrenia are not allowed to perform this sadhana.


  • Overcome various chronic diseases
  • Body feels free and weightless
  • Mind free from the pattern/blocks which were responsible for repeated problems .
  •  Vairagya – A strong and confident mind.
  • Easy flow of prana
  • Various siddhis
  • Free from anxiety.
 This dheeksha is given online also. Age limit : 14 years to 65 years.

Registration fee : 3900/- INR. You may paytm to 9597027369

For registering online please enter your below details. After filling your details, you will be given a timeslot early morning between 6:00am to 7:00am. The date of dheeksha shall be sent to your mail id :