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About Vani Om Anandi

I had been trying to define myself in all roles as a daughter, student, friend, mother etc but later found that I just cant be defined. I really am just a nobody. Having realized the nothingness in all, I offer myself to share something of the everything that emerged from the nothing.

About my Guru / Lineage

I was introduced to many gurus, both true and few fakes from my childhood. In fact everybody, be it true or fake, everything be it living or dead, had been my guru in every step of my life until I found my inner guru,my SELF. It was then that I realised it’s the same self that exists everywhere and in everything. Having said, I cant thank enough my most influential guru and lineage – Sri Sivapremamanadaji / Thirumoolar Siddha Parampara and my another most important guru – Sri Om Swamiji. The ‘OM’ in my name was a result of initiation from Om Swamiji and later on after realization Srividya Guruji Sri Sivapremanandaji blessed me with the name ‘Sri Vani Om Anandi’. It was Rupert Spira who helped me abide in the self and explore its nature.To me, Rupert is the Ramana of this age. Its from Rupert Spira community that divine had sent me Param Prem. He carried me as a child and brought back to the senses and to this world, helped me see the beauty of nothing all around and is still helping me enjoy the nature of the nothingness and its miraculous manifestation. My humble gratitude to all my gurus and the whole universe to have propelled me and used me as a tool to share the truth.

Sri Sivapremanandaji & Mulavarga Parampara:

     After experiencing higher states of samadhi,Sri Sivapremanandaji willingly shares Srividya teachings for the benefit of those who aspire for Self-Realization but don’t know where to begin, or their worldly responsibilities are too great to allow them the time to pursue in-depth studies. Now, Sri Sivapremanandaji is helping sincere spiritual seekers through Thirumoolar Siva Yoga and Srividya sadhana online.

     The most hardworking Guruji I have ever met, I should say, as a disciple I have troubled him a lot with my doubts and fluctuations in my mind, but as divine mother Herself, Guruji carried me all through the three years of my sadhana, he promptly even replied to all my doubts and confusions in mail and took me out of this samsara through his prayers, blessings and techniques. Blessed are the ones who got initiated by Srividya Guruji. Its not a one lifetime blessing to get initiated by him, but for the whole span of your birth & death until one gets liberated. Many times I took wrong path and informed Him, He guided me back to the right path and sometimes I even disobeyed him but as a mother/father He knew ways to bring me back from my misunderstandings. I prostrate to him for all his patience and love and blesssings showered to all the sadhakas.

Our guru parampara is called Siddha Mulavarga Sampradaya. Our siddha mulavarga lineage is as follows :

Lord Shiva -> Nandi devar ->SiddharThirumoolar -> Sri Sivakami Om Anandi -> Sri Sivapremanandaji

For details :

Om Swamiji :

        I am blessed to have been introduced to OmSwami, Utterly simple and the most royal, so childlike and the most loving, I thank Om Swami for accepting me and have guided me throughout. For me, Swamiji is his writings. Every guidance I got from Swamiji is from his blogs, books and videos. Meeting and being with him was for few minutes physically, but His words were my friends, His books my companion whenever I had to cross a mind attack. Whenever anybody is in any trouble, just go through his writings or blogs, solution guaranteed. His presence says it all…I am blessed to have met him and touched his feet, really softer than the softest petals, I really mean it.

For further details:

Rupert Spira :

     Rupert Spira is an international teacher of the “direct path”, a method of spiritual self enquiry through talks and writing, and a notable English potter and studio potter with work in public and private collections.Spira is also a spiritual teacher and writer in the branch of nonduality, (Advaita in Sanskrit), exploring the nature of experience in his essays and texts. His wonderful and profound videos and works are available in various social media. Any single video of his in youtube, just a single video would take you to the truth in an instant, if you are sensitive enough. Not even in a single video does he not point you to your real self. I thank him so much for his works, really I wonder if there is anything more one could say in knowing their real self.

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