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Born to a lovely nuclear tamil/kannada family, my life was a normal childs life with the quest for simple truth in day to day living. As usualthey were never answered and I was cultured to be obedient and silent. But as the seeking continued, library and books from englightened ones became my silent companions. After going through some personal family loses, I was pushed to my psychological limits in handling the scars they made in my heart. But suddenly, one  simple day, I was introduced to my Beloved Master OSHO and I was awestruck by his clarity in things. Then the wildfire was caught, slowly my thirst became cool and life started changing according to it. I could see the inward journey so deeper.Many experiential understandings happened under the guidance of my Living Master Dhyan Siddharth. I was intitated to Sanyas in the year 2010 and was then called Prem Param.

The realization, that my very being is Emptiness itself, shook all the grounds of the ego self, the whole palace broke into dust and this body is relieved from its choking iron-hand grip.

Now as emptiness and as consciousness, this life is so wonderful but to live this Emptiness, this body- mind needed some guidance. There came Master Mooji and Non-dual Teacher Rupert Spira. They stabilised the complete awareness into this body-mind system. Slowly I found myselfas awareness which is unstained and untrembled by any experience. I am free like sky, I am the space on which all the happening takes place. Realizing that this  Pure Awareness is every human being’s birthright, I am happy to share the same with all. Thanks to this very existence for introducing to masters like Ramana Maharishi, Osho and Dhyan Siddharth, Mooji and Rupert Spira. In every step, in every breath they are there, they are present as one’s Pure Awareness.