About suryaprakasam

In my 75 years of life in this body, I had been into spirituality at a very young age. From being ardent devotee of lord ganapathy, and then taking up fasting and piligrimage to Sabarimala for continuous 25years, meeting many enlightened masters and siddhas, it came out that my body had the capability to heal others. I was also able to heal people according to their past events and tell them the root cause of their current problem. All of the root cause come to me as a vision and by this grace of divine,I was able to pass on the healing energy to public. I do this for no cost as all this is by divine grace and I believe I am just a tool and so I don’t wish to charge for it but I am humbled to be used as a tool. So far ,more than 100 people had been healed from severe cancer,corona to mental depressions. Anybody willing to get healing can contact me through the form below.

Healing Form

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