We offer meditations and contemplations aiding to look at your own Self in a deeper,  clearer and the simpler way,  but really knowing  your self doesn’t  need any effort except your desire to know it. Out contemplative meditations and satang would greatly help you in releasing yourself from the bondage of your emotions and other belief systems that the so-called you is made of.

Take a leap from your finite limited illusionary self to your real, unlimited eternal self!

We welcome to Know your SELF and  as Awareness and really Live your life completely out of love and Enjoy the beauty of IT.


When a disciple is born a guru is born. The devotional feeling that one has for a guru is the most beautiful feeling and the relationship one could have.  It is the disciple that gives birth to a guru in another body.  An awakened being when accepts this role, goes to the extremes of craziness to device techniques & methods to bring the disciple to his level.  But his craziness cant be understood by the disciple.  When my guruji, said to me, 'you are a chosen one for the divine to express itself to the humanity', I, then, didnt realize but felt happy to have been a chosen one. Later on another time, when i felt to withdraw from the teachings, he said, 'Spirituality and teaching  is like walking on a sword'.  Both of what he said i realize it completely now. There are awakened ones who go crazy upto drugs to find a way to teach their disciples, there are masters who are careful in the guru role and there are few who live a normal life and often dont take up the role of guru, instead they project the devotion to their true guru, the self or ishta devata.

The crazy things that an awakened one do should not be mistaken for the fake ones.  The very body language would inform their fakeness. One of the testing can be,  just sit in front of him/her on a high chair with one leg upon the other, (the pose where in India its considered disrespectful ), you would see the disturbance going within him/her from their body language.

Having understood all the craziness of masters and the confused disciples,  it is very clearly decided that there is no guru disciple relationship here, with us. There is only sharing of the divines nature from awakened divine to the other sleeping divine so that it wakes up. Every sharing and every questions will be addressed with utmost respect and joy. There would only be deep respect and love to the divine in everybody here.

Love,  Laugh and Live..


Vani Om Anandi.